St. Louis Truck Accident Experts

St. Louis truck accident experts

Accident reconstruction experts will look for metal scarring which is a hole, depression or gouge left by vehicle parts digging into the roadway. There are different types of gouges such as a chip, which is a hole made in the road surface; a chop which is a broad sharp edge cut in the pavement; or … Read more

Truck Accident Reconstruction Experts

ST. Louis truck accident scene

Accident reconstruction experts will find and note different types of skid mark classifications.  This includes pavement grinding, whereby particles of pavement are ground off.  Or tire grinding, which means that particles of rubber ground off.  They will document marks in dirt, pavement, or squeegee marks left on wet pavement.  Accident reconstruction experts should document tracks … Read more

Truck Accident Facts

It is imperative that physical facts from the roadway be documented.  This includes the debris, vehicle parts, vehicle fluids, blood, and multiple classifications of tire marks and metal scars, which are gouges in the road caused by vehicles involved in the accident.  It is critical that the measurements of the tire marks be accurate.  Vehicle … Read more

FedEx Truck Accident Case Results

fed ex truck accident in Missouri

In our FedEx case, we immediately hired an accident reconstruction expert. We made sure the FedEx truck was moved to a safe location and not scrapped.  I went with the expert to inspect the truck.  I found that my client’s seat belt was broken as it was missing a safety latch.  This finding gave us … Read more

Truck Accident Evidence

truck accident evidence in MIssouri

It takes time to hire an accident reconstructionist.  Care should be taken in order to preserve evidence that can be short-lived.   Witness and party memories fade over time.  Skid marks fade over time.  Snow removal or another accident can alter, add, or change gouge marks in the pavement.  Take pictures, measurements, and field sketches of … Read more