No Logs Equals Big Losses for Truck Drivers

This past July new Federal laws went into effect specifically designed to combat fatigue in truck drivers.

Almost 100,000 auto accidents can be attributed to sleep deprivation each year and of those approximately 1,550 will be fatal.  There is special concern for drivers of big rig trucks as they often must drive long distances in a short period of time and may compromise sleep in order to reach their destination within schedule.

This past July new Federal laws went into effect specifically designed to combat fatigue in truck drivers.  Studies over the years have proved that long daily, and weekly, work schedules contribute to chronic fatigue.  Truck drivers in particular are at a higher risk of collision and a number of health conditions.

New Trucking Regulations

The new regulations reduces the number of allowed weekly work hours from 82 to 70.  If a truck driver reaches that limit they are now required to rest for at least 34 hours before returning to work.  This rest must include at least 2 nights, when a persons body clock requires the most sleep.  Drivers are now also required to take at least one 30 minute break during the first 8 hours of work.  The 14 hour limit on a workday and 11 hour driving limit remain the same.  As does the law requiring that a log is kept by all drivers outlining their route and rest periods.  Failure to provide such a log can be used by your Missouri truck accident attorney as evidence of sleep deprivation if you are involved in an accident with a large truck.

In a Kansas City case a farmer was awarded $375,000 by a jury as compensation for damages as a result of a collision with a tractor trailer.  Even though there was evidence that the driver had stopped to sleep the night before, he had failed to note it in his log.  The trucking company is also obligated by Federal law to ensure that their drivers keep updated, accurate time logs.

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