What Makes a Collision with a Large Truck Different?

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Large commercial trucks make up only 3% of the vehicles occupying U.S. roadways, but accidents with them are the cause of 12% of highway fatalities. Consider the weight and size of an 18 wheeler and how much time it takes for them to come to a stop compared with a typical passenger car. Since large … Read more

No Logs Equals Big Losses for Truck Drivers

This past July new Federal laws went into effect specifically designed to combat fatigue in truck drivers. Almost 100,000 auto accidents can be attributed to sleep deprivation each year and of those approximately 1,550 will be fatal.  There is special concern for drivers of big rig trucks as they often must drive long distances in … Read more

School Bus Crashes With Log Truck Driving The Wrong Way

A school bus in Virginia carrying three students got into a crash that involved an 18-wheel  log truck on Tuesday, September 10. None of the three students were injured but the bus driver did need to be taken to the hospital via ambulance, though the injury was to his arm and it was not life-threatening. … Read more

Motorist Awarded in Tractor Trailer Accident That Resulted in a TBI

Accidents that involve tractor trailers can be incredibly serious. While the driver of the semi truck may walk away with minor injuries, drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles can sustain catastrophic injuries. And unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these accidents to result in death. This is one of the many reasons why it is … Read more

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks happen every day. This multi-billion dollar industry is good at transporting cargo from one place to another quickly and efficiently, but unfortunately in the process sometimes the hurry to get somewhere can cause an accident. These accidents can then result in catastrophic injuries and loss for those involved. Trucks are able … Read more

Safety Precautions Around 18-Wheelers & Semi Trucks

Be extra cautious and alert while driving near semi trucks. When driving close to a huge 18-wheeler, semi truck, or tractor trailer on the highway, many of us get an uneasy feeling. This happens for a good reason. These vehicles are incredibly dangerous and we should absolutely be extra cautious when we are driving anywhere … Read more