5 Common Myths About Truck Accidents in St Louis

Sorting facts from fiction after a truck accident can be challenging. Truck accident myths may even discourage you from pursuing compensation.

What’s more, they can lead to actions or decisions that may delay or reduce your compensation. Let’s discuss five common truck accident myths and the truth about each of them.

semi truck driving on a missouri highway

1. Truck Drivers Are Always at Fault

When truck accidents are mentioned, most people automatically assume that the truck driver is to blame. This is not always true— different parties could be responsible for your truck accident and the resulting damages and injuries.  

For example, the trucking company could be liable if it did not do thorough background checks when hiring the driver. Additionally, the truck’s manufacturer could be held responsible if the truck malfunctioned, making the driver crash and ultimately inflict injuries on others.

2. The Insurance Company Will Compensate You Fairly

The misconception that insurance companies will compensate you fairly for injuries suffered in an accident has disappointed many truck accident victims.  The truth is, insurance companies make money by avoiding paying out claims or awarding less compensation to accident victims than they deserve. This is why they’re always looking for ways to discredit or dismiss your claim. They may also hire investigators to look for ways to blame you for the accident.

3. Truck Accident Cases Can Only Be Settled in Court

Most truck accident cases don’t go to trial— they are usually settled outside the court between the attorneys of both parties.

Remember: Regardless of the route you take (in court or out of court), make sure you have a competent attorney by your side. An experienced St. Louis truck accident lawyer can help you collect concrete evidence, build a compelling case, and negotiate with the truck’s insurance on your behalf. This will make the whole process less stressful as you focus on recovery.

4. Truck Drivers Follow the Rest Break Rule as Required

 Missouri Trucking Laws require every truck driver to take a break after 8 hours of driving. However, many truck drivers don’t adhere to this regulation. Instead, they drive continuously without rest or sleep.

As a result, such truck drivers may become drowsy and fall asleep behind the wheel, causing accidents.

5. Commercial Trucks Follow Same Traffic Rules as Other Vehicles

The truth is, other than following the basic traffic rules, trucks must follow a stricter set of laws set by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These additional trucking laws do not apply to personal vehicles as they are set to help minimize truck collisions, injuries, and fatalities.

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