5 Tips to Safely Share the Road With Semi Trucks

While the size, weight, and blind spots of semi-trucks often contribute to accidents, there are several things you can do to safely share the road and prevent accidents.

There are over 2 million semi-trucks in the US that transport tons of products every day. Unfortunately, their size, weight, and numerous blind spots are leading contributors to road accidents. Use these tips to share the road safely with semi-trucks.

driving alongside a semi-truck

Monitor Semi Trucks on the Road Closely

When on the same road as a semi-truck, pay close attention to the truck and its driver. If it’s a flatbed truck, it may have excess or heavy cargo. Therefore, it’s generally best to distance yourself from such overloaded trucks, especially those with unsecured cargo, as they can fall off at any moment and cause an accident.

Additionally, distance yourself from trucks that seem to drift from one direction to another.  This could be a sign of a fatigued or distracted driver.

Keep a Safe Distance

Semi-trucks take longer to stop and require more space to turn or switch lanes on the road. Therefore, if you happen to be behind, in front, or next to a semi-truck, ensure you keep a safe distance. 

Always maintain at least a four-second gap between the truck and your vehicle even when the truck looks stable and the driver sober. This will generally give you plenty of time to avoid colliding with the truck if it suddenly stops, makes a turn, or develops a mechanical problem.

Avoid Semi-Truck Blind Spots

A day can’t go by without coming across a semi-truck on one of the major roads in the country. Unfortunately, these semi-trucks have blind spots that prevent their drivers from completely viewing the road.

Of these, a semi truck’s right side is generally the most dangerous. This is because it blocks the driver’s view three or four lanes behind. Other blind spots are at the front and back of the semi-truck. These blind spots can hinder the driver from seeing you overtake, which can cause a collision. To be safe, it is generally recommended to drive one lane to the left of a semi-truck, two lanes to the right, and 30 feet while on the front or rear end of the truck.

Avoid Shining Your Lights Too Bright

When driving close to a semi-truck at night, avoid shining your lights too bright as they can reflect on the truck’s mirrors and blind the driver.

Use Turn Signals

A truck requires more time to stop. Meaning, anytime you change lanes or overtake without using signals to indicate your intentions on the road clearly, you may confuse a truck driver and increase the likelihood of an accident.  Therefore, use your turn signals when switching lanes for the driver to slow down.

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Adherence to the above tips will generally increase safety on the roads and help curb road accidents between private cars and semi-trucks. 

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