Authorities Blame Missouri Teen Fatality on Texting

Technology, particularly cell phones, have made our lives better.

They have made communication faster, efficient, and hassle free. However, some feel that our fascination with such devices has gone too far. This is because much of our every day lives are centered around our mobile devices, constantly checking our email and text messages.

Car accident attorneys are usually flooded with cases involving accidents that happen because the driver was preoccupied with texting or emailing. In a recent case of a fatal car accident involving a teenager, authorities believe that the case may have been texting. During investigations, the police authorities found an unsent text message in the deceased teen’s smart phone. It is believed that this unsent message could have distracted the teen and caused this fatal car accident.

The news of this car accident sent shock waves through Missouri, as one of the brightest teens around had lost her life in an accident that would not have occurred if she had been a little more careful. The 16-year-old had just received her license and was on her first solo drive to the grocery store when calamity struck.
Authorities investigating the case said that while she was on her way to the grocery store in her native town of Harrisonville, she took a sudden left turn and landed right in front of a truck trailer coming from behind. Her car was smashed, and she lost her life in this accident.

Later, during investigations, police authorities found an unsent text in her cell phone, which could have distracted her attention away from the road, leaving her unable to see a truck trailer coming from the rear. The girl was a freshman in high school, had won Future Farmers of America, and was an honor roll student. Her friends at school mourned her death deeply, and there was a Facebook page dedicated to the unfortunate death of this student in a car accident.

This case has brought to the fore an issue that needs immediate attention. As per the latest statistics issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), texting while driving is six times more likely to cause a car accident or a truck accident compared to driving in an intoxicated state. Sending or receiving messages while you are behind the wheel, can distract you from the road for about 5 seconds. This much time is enough to cause any accident. Sending text messages while driving a truck or a car, is the cause of over 30,000 accidents and 3,000 deaths in a year.

If anyone gets involved in a car accident or truck accident, he or she should immediately contact emergency services and then get in touch with a auto accident attorney. Whether you are caught in a mess due to your negligence, or you have suffered due to someone else’s negligence, an attorney can help you settle all the legal matters.

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photo credit: IntelFreePress