Drivers and Truckers at Risk Due to Unsafe Commercial Practices

The truck driving industry is a global enterprise that focuses on delivering goods through the use of roadways and highways.

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Each truck can weigh between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds and can carry cargo between everyday foods to hazardous materials. With such a heavy and important burden placed upon this industry, one would assume that the companies that make up the industry would take their charge seriously. This, however, is not always the case.

Approximately 30 percent of all commercial driving accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Causes of driver fatigue can be traced back to the standards and practices of the truck driving industry. In order to bring down costs and increase profit margins, truck companies often follow unsafe and irresponsible company practices.

These practices include sending out drivers before they are properly trained, having unrealistic driving schedules, and encouraging drivers to break rules in order to bring down shipping times. Inexperience drivers are not always aware of their vehicle and what it is capable of. A standard commercial truck has several areas of zero visibility. These areas include behind and beside the truck.

Because of these and other unsafe practices, it is wise for a driver to contact a lawyer who specializes in truck accidents immediately after a truck accident. Truck accident lawyers are adept at understanding how and why a truck driver may have been negligent or careless in the operation of their vehicle.

Victims of truck accidents are often unaware of their rights. Because of the imposing nature of commercial trucks and the industry, it can be hard to see what options are available. Insurance companies typically do not want to deal with more than is needed to end a claim. This, however, puts the driver at greater financial and often times physical risk.

Over 100,000 truck accidents occur in the United States every year. These accidents lead to thousands of dollars in car damages and medical bills. Every accident, no matter how big or small needs to be handled thoroughly and with care. Often times the physical effects of a truck accident are not felt until much later.

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