What To Do In Rear End Truck Accidents?

Studies have revealed that majority of these rear end collisions are caused by truck drivers following vehicles in front of them too closely.

rear end ST. Louis truck accident

Rear end car accidents are usually not of a very serious nature. However, read end truck accidents are a different phenomenon altogether.  This is due to the sheer size of these vehicles. It is not just because 30,000 pounds are infinitely more than 4,000 pounds but also because the momentum of the vehicle is far greater and has more side effects than that of an ordinary car. Slowing down these huge tracker trailers is very difficult. Assuming that you are driving a car at 60 miles an hour, it is easy to stop the car within 140 feet but the same cannot be said for the gigantic truck. Big rig trucks do not stop until 400 feet at the same velocity.

Moreover, these rear end truck accidents usually take place on divided roads as compared to other truck accidents. This is because while automobiles are able to seek refuge on the shoulder of the road, trucks drivers of these big trucks are unable to find safety easily.

The involvement of a truck accident attorney is critical in such accidents due to their nature. Whenever a motor vehicle is halted and is hit by another vehicle from the rear end, the driver of the following vehicle is presumed to be negligent.

Luckily, the injuries that are sustained in these rear impact collisions are not as serious as those which take place in head-on collisions. However, the property damage and human losses in rear end accidents cost citizens a lot of money on medical bills, insurance claims for property damages and a major loss of productive time. Since the personal injury costs do form a significant chunk of expenses, hiring a truck accident lawyer becomes essential.

Studies have revealed that majority of these rear end collisions are caused by truck drivers following vehicles in front of them too closely. Due to a sudden deceleration of the truck in front, the car at the back does not have enough time to slow down due to the close proximity and ends up hitting the front vehicle.

Rear-ending a truck or car is similar to colliding into a brick wall at half the speed at which the impacting vehicle was traveling. This means that the injury of the occupants and the mechanical damage can amount to a significant proportion.

Therefore, in accordance with the law, even a truck accident lawyer advises that a prudent and reasonable distance must be maintained with the vehicle in front. By giving due regard to the velocity of the vehicle, auto accidents can be avoided.

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