Man Killed By a Tractor Trailer While Pushing His Stalled Car

On Wednesday, October 10, 2012 a man was on the Chain of Rocks Bridge, pushing his stalled car. An approaching tractor trailer, who apparently did not see the man, hit him and then swerved into the concrete median and caught on fire.

Chain of Rocks Bridge

St. Louis police said that the man was pushing his car with the drivers side door open so that he could steer the vehicle. The car was apparently unlit, making it nearly invisible in the darkness of the early morning hours.

Large Truck Accidents are particularly horrible since the trucks are bigger and heavier than most vehicles on the road. When the human body is struck by such a force, the results are fatal.

Avoid an Accident

It is so important to move as far to the right side of the road as possible to avoid oncoming traffic. If there is not a shoulder to move over onto, get out of the flow of traffic as much as you can and then get away from the vehicle and walk facing traffic so you are able to see the oncoming cars and so they can see you. Remember to turn your hazard lights on so that your vehicle is visible to other cars, especially when it is dark.

These factors will help prevent this type of accident from occurring. However, there are truck accidents that happen that are difficult to prevent because the blame is on the driver of the truck.

Truck Accident Attorneys

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photo credit: Herkie