Why Is It Called a Semi Truck?

why is it called a semi truck

A semi truck is called “semi” because the semi-trailer partially supports itself and is partly supported by the tractor, making it a “semi-trailer truck.” Have you ever found yourself stuck in traffic, staring at a large truck in front of you and wondering, “Why is it called a semi truck?” This question piques the curiosity … Read more

Can IoT and Telematics Help Reduce Missouri Truck Accidents?

missouri semi truck on the road

In an effort to reduce the number of truck accidents, some truck manufacturers and companies have been investing heavily in IoT and telematics. Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous and devastating accidents on our roads today. On average, there are over 500,000 truck accidents each year in the US, resulting in over 4,000+ … Read more

4 Unique Issues Often Created by St. Louis Truck Accidents

semi truck on the road

Multiple defendants, complex insurance coverage, different accidents, and complex truck laws can all create unique issues in St. Louis truck accident claims. If you have ever been in a car accident, you already know how overwhelming recovering damages can be. Sadly, things can get even more nerve-wracking and complicated when filing a truck accident claim. … Read more

Driver Fatigue – Dangers of Commercial Trucking

St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney

The NTSB estimates that nearly 20% of their investigations identified fatigue as the contributing factor in truck accidents. As Americans, we share the road with commercial trucks on a daily basis. We have become used to driving along side them and may give little or no thought to their presence. However, according the Federal Motor … Read more

Tractor Trailer Overturns, Catches Fire

Tractor Trailer Wreck

Tractor trailer accidents have the potential to cause much damage. Tuesday, February 25, in Kansas City, Missouri, a fiery single-vehicle semi truck crash thankfully resulted in no injuries. But for many drivers the commute was interrupted early Tuesday morning around 7 a.m. near Cambridge Circle by black smoke when the semi truck caught fire and … Read more