Driver Fatigue – Dangers of Commercial Trucking

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The NTSB estimates that nearly 20% of their investigations identified fatigue as the contributing factor in truck accidents. As Americans, we share the road with commercial trucks on a daily basis. We have become used to driving along side them and may give little or no thought to their presence. However, according the Federal Motor … Read more

Tractor Trailer Accidents Require Thorough Investigation

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Commercial truck drivers can be negligent, overworked, under trained, or just victim to mechanical failure. Being involved in an accident with a tractor trailer can be a life-altering event. These types of accidents are known to cause very serious injuries or even death. In addition, becoming the victim of a truck accident can cause devastating … Read more

Tractor Trailer Overturns, Catches Fire

Tractor Trailer Wreck

Tractor trailer accidents have the potential to cause much damage. Tuesday, February 25, in Kansas City, Missouri, a fiery single-vehicle semi truck crash thankfully resulted in no injuries. But for many drivers the commute was interrupted early Tuesday morning around 7 a.m. near Cambridge Circle by black smoke when the semi truck caught fire and … Read more

The Risk of Permanent Disability From Truck Accidents

Injuries from a serious truck accident

Being involved in any sort of auto accident can be a life altering event. One that causes a permanent disability will affect not just you, but your loved ones as well. Truck accidents are a major cause of permanent disability. The sheer size of an 18 wheeler makes a collision with one unimaginable. The injuries … Read more

What Makes a Collision with a Large Truck Different?

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Large commercial trucks make up only 3% of the vehicles occupying U.S. roadways, but accidents with them are the cause of 12% of highway fatalities. Consider the weight and size of an 18 wheeler and how much time it takes for them to come to a stop compared with a typical passenger car. Since large … Read more

No Logs Equals Big Losses for Truck Drivers

This past July new Federal laws went into effect specifically designed to combat fatigue in truck drivers. Almost 100,000 auto accidents can be attributed to sleep deprivation each year and of those approximately 1,550 will be fatal.  There is special concern for drivers of big rig trucks as they often must drive long distances in … Read more