Commercial Truck Accidents St. Louis

Truck accident lawyers St. Louis

Accidents that involve commercial trucks, semi trucks, buses, tractor trailers, dump trucks, or other large vehicles can be more complicated than a multi-car accident.  Regardless of the vehicles involved, if the injuries are serious, or if someone is killed, hire a lawyer and make sure your lawyer sends out an accident reconstruction expert immediately.  Missouri Former state troopers who were trained and certified in accident reconstruction, work independently on your behalf.   Your accident reconstruction expert should have crash data retrieval system used to obtain information from the truck’s “black box”.  The black box information will contain information about the truck’s brake position at the time of impact, the vehicle speed, the throttle position, the engine speed or RPM’s, seatbelt position.  No matter how clear cut  your case appears to be, the insurance company will hire its own accident reconstructionist and vigorously defend the case.