Motorist Awarded in Tractor Trailer Accident That Resulted in a TBI

Accidents that involve tractor trailers can be incredibly serious. While the driver of the semi truck may walk away with minor injuries, drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles can sustain catastrophic injuries. And unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these accidents to result in death. This is one of the many reasons why it is … Read more

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks happen every day. This multi-billion dollar industry is good at transporting cargo from one place to another quickly and efficiently, but unfortunately in the process sometimes the hurry to get somewhere can cause an accident. These accidents can then result in catastrophic injuries and loss for those involved. Trucks are able … Read more

Semi Truck Accident In Missouri Shuts Down Interstate 44

The Missouri State Highway Patrol closed Eastbound Interstate 44 near I-270 Tuesday, July 23, following an accident that involved a semi truck and several cars. An accident that had taken place in the westbound lanes had directed the attention of drivers heading eastbound away from the road. Traffic had slowed due to the accident as … Read more

Semi Truck Carrying 5,400 Gallons Of Fuel Overturns

tanker truck accident ST. Louis

When the trucks contain thousands of pounds of material, they can become even more dangerous. On Wednesday, July 24, just south of Eldon, Missouri, a semi truck that was transporting fuel overturned on U.S. Highway 54. The Missouri State Highway Patrol got a call around 2:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, relating that a tanker truck had … Read more

Authorities Blame Missouri Teen Fatality on Texting

Technology, particularly cell phones, have made our lives better. They have made communication faster, efficient, and hassle free. However, some feel that our fascination with such devices has gone too far. This is because much of our every day lives are centered around our mobile devices, constantly checking our email and text messages. Car accident … Read more

Truck Accidents Involving HAZMAT Carriers

  Accidents involving large commercial trucks are serious incidents, especially when the accident involves a smaller passenger vehicle. However, when the truck is carrying a hazardous material, the accident can create an even more complicated circumstance. In some cases people may survive the actual truck accident but may have injuries due to fires caused by … Read more