Safety Precautions Around 18-Wheelers & Semi Trucks

Be extra cautious and alert while driving near semi trucks. When driving close to a huge 18-wheeler, semi truck, or tractor trailer on the highway, many of us get an uneasy feeling. This happens for a good reason. These vehicles are incredibly dangerous and we should absolutely be extra cautious when we are driving anywhere … Read more

Truck Making Illegal U-Turn Kills Woman & Two Children

If you have been involved in a Missouri truck accident, contact the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann. On a New Jersey highway on Friday, August 2, a tractor trailer allegedly made an illegal U-turn and crashed into an SUV. The collision resulted in the death of a mother and her two sons. According to … Read more

Semi Truck Accident In Missouri Shuts Down Interstate 44

The Missouri State Highway Patrol closed Eastbound Interstate 44 near I-270 Tuesday, July 23, following an accident that involved a semi truck and several cars. An accident that had taken place in the westbound lanes had directed the attention of drivers heading eastbound away from the road. Traffic had slowed due to the accident as … Read more

Distracted Driving Causes Semi Truck Accident

In Washington, an enormous semi truck that was carrying thousands of pounds of bread, blocked all of Interstate 405’s southbound lanes, after it overturned during the morning commute on June 4. The crash happened around 7 a.m. There were no serious injuries, though several people sustained minor injuries and were clearly shaken up after the … Read more

Missouri Truck Accident Case Settled For $6.5 Million

A missouri truck accident case was recently settled for $6.5 million in Benton County, Missouri. The insurance company was required to pay $1,000,000 and the trucking company was responsible for the remaining $5,500,000. The plaintiff in the case sustained injuries when a large tractor trailer collided with the back of his motorcycle as he was … Read more

Truck Accidents Involving HAZMAT Carriers

  Accidents involving large commercial trucks are serious incidents, especially when the accident involves a smaller passenger vehicle. However, when the truck is carrying a hazardous material, the accident can create an even more complicated circumstance. In some cases people may survive the actual truck accident but may have injuries due to fires caused by … Read more